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What it was like

Christmas 1940 - DUI Car crash that scarred Mom

Toddler liked booze sips from adults drinks - 5 years or so

Dad crashed car, set field on fire with fireworks 

Geographic to Tahoe

Mom’s DUI Claimed printshop fumes

Geographic to Seattle

Nightly drinking, functional alcoholics 

Space Needle Dinner, 

Windsor Vista - about 4 years

San Juan Island Boat Trip

Dad passed out every night, mom “controlled drinking”

My first full on drunk to pass out

Geographic to Duvall - The Omley’s

Tolt HS - Met Donna, First love

Divorce, family split, Leigh to Louisianna

Lendemain Apartment with Mom, Ollala, AA, Alateen

Redmond Apartment with Mom, Full Flight, Drug Dealer

Geographic back to Sacramento, MJ Dealer

Lynn Omley role model, outlaw heavy drinker

GTA/DUI Golf Cart arrest, HS drop out

Public Intoxication arrest

US Army, 3.2 beer, DUI in Colorado Spgs, BCD & Leavenworth prison

19 years old, back to Sacramento, not welcome home, junk business

Sally, Infidelity due to my drinking, Sink a boat, get a DUI,

Geographic back to Seattle under false name

Born Again, Wendy, controlled drinking

Back to Sacramento, came clean, jail

5th Ca DUI Geographic to AZ

6 years no DL, drinking accelerating

NY Eve 1989 called Donna, infidelity in Vegas a few weeks later, no booze

Left family for Donna, she insisted on sobrietyRecovery

Outpatient Treatment, first adult AA Meeting, not for me!

Geographic to Utah, DUI, Rejected by Donna

Back to Arizona, married Suzy for a place to live, descending into depths of despair

Rented a room from Tom, his family soon learned to hate me

Rented house with Dwight in Mesa, last drunk began with Nyquil cold medicine

What Happened

Surrendered to Apache Trail Group

At about 90 days Donna visited to see what was up, met my sponsors wife and joined us

A lot of meetings, sometimes 3 or 4 a day, home group activities

Trust God, Take out the garbage, make amends, help others

Taking Action begins with Step 4 - the gritty details, written on paper, first concrete proof

Selfish and/or Self-Centered there is a difference!




Greed or avarice, I want yours

Lustful, infidelity

Gluttonous, more than my fair share

Lazy, easier softer way

Vengeful, get revenge

Step 5 tell someone else, unload that burden

Step 6 become willing to trust god some more 

Step 7 humbly ask and trust!

Step 8 become willing to make amends - see step 4 & 5

Step 9 Make amends, unload that burden!

Steps 10-12 become a “working part of” my mind

Service, monthly dance, drunk wagon, chair meetings, sponsor guys, phone duty

What it is like now

The “great obsession” to control and enjoy drinking alcohol has been removed.

Normal living problems, sporadic Spiritual growth Beyond AA

Road Less Traveled

Professional hypnotherapy

Moment of clarity, out of HVAC biz

Sweat Lodge, Native American Church

Peyote Foundation, The Raid 

Mexico for a month, Huichol ceremony

Political activism, hemp and kenaf

Hemp US Flag, California to market them, Mom sick

Back home, care for mom, medical cannabis activism

5150 for protesting Iraq invasion

Duke, Genesis 1:29

MMA, Cannabis Books

Prostate cancer 2009, Proton beam complete in January 2010

March 2010 Practical Cycle, IChing, Carl Jung, Road Less Traveled again

2015 Met Hong online, China 4 times, married Feb 14, 2017

September 2019, Hong to China, then Pandemic

2021 PSA Rising, radiation, business struggling

May 2022, Hong returns and we struggle, I start attending AA again, PSA rising again

August 2022, closed PC showroom

April 2023, enjoying semi-retired life, enlarging my spiritual life by revisiting Jungian analysis and enrolled in https://thisjungianlife.com/join-dream-school/