Patriots Guide to Goods and Services

Patriots Guide to Voting

Vote with your wallet – here are two steps to Liberty; choose Made in USA goods and reduce personal petroleum consumption by 20% - 50%.

Imagine living in a neighborhood with a majority population of addicts. Each day most residents will busily secure a supply of their drug of choice and there are dealers on every corner with a ready supply to meet their demand. The dealers and their masters are in control of most of the wealth and dictate to the addicts how they should conduct their lives. The dealers use every scheme imaginable to deepen the addictions of their victims, mocking the “Company Store” concept with a far more efficient form of enslavement, the modern Corporation. Under the “Color of Law” and using the legislative process, the dealers gradually eliminate all forms of self-sufficiency with clever devices of rules and regulations that favor a select few by making criminals out of those who oppose them or their practices. 

This is how it is now in my neighborhood, and the drug everyone is after is petroleum. The fog has been lifted and I can see the insidious nature of the petroleum addiction on my friends, family and neighbors. Incredibly, about half even deliberately use as much as they can, seemingly in a show of force or wealth of some sort. The other half guiltily join in the mad rush, shutting out the reality of their addiction as best they can by staying busy, busy, and busy! The dealers have nearly complete control now, and have even taken our young people to war to secure more supplies, but there is good news! We can take our lives back, and it is really very simple to do, here is how:

Vote with your wallet – choose Local and Made in USA goods and reduce your personal petroleum consumption by at least 20%. These two simple actions will require some sacrifice and modification of lifestyle, but consider the benefits and consequences for the right choice.

1. Choose Local and Made in USA or do without. One example is found in the last brand of shoes I could find that is still Made in USA, Red Wing. Be prepared to spend $150-$200 and remember you are not only supporting US workers, but the shoes are a terrific value with a lifetime warranty on stitching, shoelaces and shoe cream and guaranteed to fit comfortably including stretching or whatever it takes to provide a perfect fit and style for any need. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find products Made in USA, but with a little diligence a surprising number can still be found, and usually competitively priced when all features and benefits are considered.

2. Reduce your personal consumption of petroleum. By simply adhering to the 55 MPH maximum speed limit already in place on most US highways, a vehicle will consume 20% to 50% less fuel. By starting off gradually and anticipating the green light ahead instead of racing from red light to red light you will use less fuel and your brake pads will last longer, resulting in less emissions from fuel burning and less brake pad dust emissions. Brake pad dust is a significant source of highly toxic air pollutant as older vehicles use asbestos brake pads, and the material in use today is ground into ultra fine dust and disbursed into the air we all breath. Choose surface transportation over air, public transit over personal, and bike or walk whenever possible. Choose trains over jets, busses over cars and bike or walk instead! 

By doing these two things we will all be doing our patriotic duty to preserve our homeland resources and take a leadership role to promote individual responsibility for the choices we all make every day. Remember, elections (of questionable integrity in the first place) only happen occasionally, but we all vote with our wallet every day.