Energy Letter to Congress

An Energy Bill letter to Congress

Dear Senator or Member of the House of Representatives:

I am writing to urge you to oppose the omnibus energy legislation.

Our nation's energy plan should include strong CAFE standards to reduce our reliance on oil, commit the nation to reasonable renewable energy requirements, and protect our precious natural areas like the Arctic Refuge for generations to come. Without these assurances, we're left with an energy executive's wish list disguised as energy policy.

We're better off with no energy bill at all than the pro-drilling, pro-nuclear, anti-environmental legislation that is currently before you.

Numerous studies have concluded there is a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption, and pollution created simply by reducing your highway speed from 65 MPH to 55 MPH.

When driving 65 MPH you are:

Using 20% more fuel

Polluting 56% more VOC's, 153% more CO and 10% more NOX

Further, simply enforcing existing speed limit laws would create a new revenue stream for the state while only penalizing those with little or no regard for our environment and safety anyway.

Analysis of the Effects of Eliminating the National Speed Limit on NOx Emissions

Environmental Impacts of Removing National Speed Limit Requirements

Bridgestone has tested the fuel economy effects of speed, load and tire-related factors at the Transportation Research Center, Inc. in East Liberty, Ohio, and at the Bridgestone/Firestone Test Center in Fort Stockton, Texas.

These are just a few of the many resources available, and we have not even discussed safety!


Average BTU consumed Per Passenger mile by mode of travel:

SUV: 4,591

Air: 4,123

Bus: 3,729

Car: 3,672

Train: 2,138

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

According to a 2004 Transportation Research Board report, public transportation:

* Reduces CO2 emissions by more than 7.4 million tons per year in the U.S.

* Produces 95% less CO, at least 92% fewer VOCs, and nearly half as much CO2 and NOx for every passenger mile traveled than private vehicles

I look forward to hearing how you will address this important issue.



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