Support Bush Crime Regime

Support Bush Crime Regime - CONSUME!

Consumerism is the engine that drives the American economy. The Bush regime knows this and that is why they sent the current stooge, George W., out in front of the cameras to do the only thing he ever did well, cheerlead. 

Or have we forgotten that was his one accomplishment in school, head cheerleader? It still is. The grinning idiot seems delighted and still-surprised at how gullible his flock is. George gets out the bullhorn and good ol’ boy slang to lie us into war with chants and slogans just like it was a Texas high school football game. Over 60 million people adore him. This calls into question what it is that people are really looking for in a leader.

This Bush Crime regime has been proven to be the most brutal dictatorship in US history, committing war crimes leading to indictments all over the world and leading to our refusal to join the international court. Rigged elections and corrupt politicians are the name of the game, and best liar wins. Right now the Bush crime family has the market on deception cornered. They are masters at it. Just watch c-span any day congress is in session to see the masters of deception hard at work spinning tales and making up shit to justify the moral crimes they are committing.

Consumers are the engine that drives this insane rush to ‘expand freedom’ and ‘liberate’ people who just happen to be living on top of some resource we need from the tyranny of a way of life that may be tens times older than the dubious democracy we have in these United States of America. 

United Consumers of America would be more fitting. I propose we recognize two political factions described as United Consumers of America and United Conservationists of America. That way we will still all be the UCA, but some will be right with the land while the rest would be the gluttonous pigs they are. 

The gluttons are easy to spot – they are fat and mean and drive oversize cars and stink and voted for the Bush crime family to rein four more years. These selfish wal-mart loyalists enjoy bloody red meat and detest ‘tree-huggers’ with a passion. These are the kind that will blast their horn at a bicycle rider to get them out of their way. They will pull into a crosswalk without bothering to notice if someone wants to use it, and god save the poor bastard that is in the gluttons path if he is in a hurry.

Of course this stuff all happens with people that have Kerry bumper stickers and Keep Tahoe Blue stickers on their SUV’s too. In fact, when I volunteered on the Kucinich campaign one of their chief IT guys turned out to be employed by a large defense contractor! To his credit he at least confessed this amazing fact on his own, but he continued to work for them, justifying it by the money they paid him. Hello, ever hear of a fellow named Judas?

Anyway, that is my point. Petroleum consumers are supporting the Bush warlord family. The consumer economy requires vast amounts of cheap energy that tends to pollute and wreck things. Plus people have gone to war over it for decades now, and no matter how ‘green’ your life is, if you are a petroleum glutton you are part of the problem. 

Petroleum gluttons fly on jet aircraft, refuse to obey speed limits, drive oversized vehicles with no regard to efficiency, race from red light to red light, drive a car when walking a riding a bike would be just as well, consume with no regard to full life cycle cost of things.

Let’s get this clear, we will never run out of oil. It will become scarcer and more expensive, but we will not run out. Ever. What we will run out of is clean air, water, safe public roadways, healthy lifestyles, healthy communities etc.

Let’s all make a choice today to just use a little bit less of everything. This is the best way to disarm the petroleum warlords, stop funding them!