My Red Wing Shoes

My Red Wing Shoes

I went in search of new shoes that are Made in USA and found only one brand readily available, Red Wing. So I looked up the address to a local store and resolved to visit someday. The day came soon enough, and I did visit, but I was broke at the time so could not buy a pair that day. 

I did learn they have wide selection for everyone, including some new brands that are actually imported. To be fair, a style I really like was one of these imports, but my criteria was that they had to be Made in USA, so my selection was limited to the Red Wing brand. This is turned out to be no problem as the selection is wide, and nearly anything can be ordered. 

Well, a few weeks later I came into some money and remember how much I like the shoes and want a pair so I returned to the store. I found a black loafer style I like and it was available with a steel toe. Since I have been riding my bike more often in city traffic, it gives me a seeming measure of security in that I may just haul off and kick one of those rude drivers that “doesn’t see me” in the crosswalk or on the side of the road when they turn in front of me, so I want those steel toes. I digress.

The price tag seemed steep, $150 – but I learned the shoes were guaranteed for life, including the stitching, laces and even polish.  I tried them on and liked the feel. I had them measure my feet with that measure thing that used to be present at every shoe store and confirmed one foot is a bit larger than the other, just as one leg is I guess. They have some in stock, but without the steel toes, so I will have to pay and wait a week to get the ones I want. Well, I have waited this long, I am willing to wait a few more days. I paid and order my new Red Wing Shoes.

Soon I got a call that my shoes were there! I picked them up right away and have worn them several weeks now so I can tell anyone that wants to know that these shoes are great! In fact, these are surely the best shoes I have ever owned. I can already tell I will be a lifelong customer of Made in USA Red Wing Shoes, it is well worth the extra cost, trouble and wait for me.