There comes a time in every family squabble when the magic of forgiveness enters and divisions are healed, restoring bonds of unity that have made the United States of America what it is.

The squabble has escalated to a deep division among people who have much more in common than opposed. It is time to recognize the single greatest factor that has caused the divide is the war on Iraq and the only way to end it is to end the war. 

So, war supporters, here is your chance at redemption, repent of your evil ways and join the movement to impeach the Bush administration. We will forgive your temporary insanity and welcome you back into a civil society based on the rule of law. Of course the actions of a few dozen war criminals will have to be dealt with, but we do not support a death penalty so none of them will die right away.  In fact, we will even try to rehabilitate them, but once these sort have tasted glory and power they rarely return to society as more than sideshow oddities, and they are really better of institutionalized for life where we can keep a close eye on them.

So this is it for war mongers, a chance to ‘join the winning side’ now because BushCo’s proverbial ship is sinking, and fast. Early deserters will be least detectable in the coming generation! We will forgive your short-term madness, if you will abandon your love of war and help heal this nation with love and justice for all.

Some have quietly sat on the sidelines, consuming, but doing little or nothing to right the wrong done in our name. It is amnesty time for you too. Remain silent no longer, the moment is ripe and your support is no longer optional. Your actions will determine your level of willingness to forgive and be forgiven for past inaction. Going forward we are all equal in our knowledge of the truth, and responsible for what we do about and with that knowledge.  A choice to continue inaction is a choice.

You cannot be forgiven unless you turn away from the things that support war and war industries. The list is long, but not endless. It is possible to live without plunder. So repent of your gluttony. Choose a simple life that uses few resources and leaves a light footprint, and forgive your past and future transgressions with a clear conscience. 

Continue a lifestyle of gluttony and consumption to avoid the experience of forgiveness! 

I would not want you to miss that, would you?