Original Thought?

Original Thought

All I long for is an original thought from someone. The babble is all just people repeating each other, re-phrasing, re-wording, re-structuring the same goddamn rule set over and over. Like a mantra it is a chant from the right and from the left noisily protesting each other’s actions or failure to act. This results in fertile ground for religious extremists from both ends to thrive and prosper, exploiting FEAR and GREED to advance their agenda.

Driven by extremist ideologies the rabble is too busy struggling to survive and finds a measure of safety in alignment with the ideology of whoever is employing them, or feeding their family. As a strategy it is wise to ‘go along’ with the next level up the food chain, this may be a supervisor, manager, owner, government official, elected official, appointed official or even a military authority. Original thoughts are rare among these.

This of course sets me to wonder just how original any of my own thinking really is anyway. Surely others have already had these ideas that seem so clear – in fact I have read them in many texts and heard them expounded by important people over the years. So maybe I am not so interested in original thoughts as I am in unpopular or abstract thinking that is linked to a logical relationship with the land we live on.

All I long for is thinking that is linked to a logical relationship with the land we live on. Here is an idea. How about if everyone was required to take their petroleum powered motor vehicle with them everywhere they go for just one day a month without benefit of the engine? Yes, they would have to tow or push the ‘convenience’ they have become so dependent upon for an entire day. In such an abstract scenario it would not take long for a new awareness of ‘What owns Who’ to emerge with a subsequent modification in size and girth of their private transportation device. 

Or how about giving pedestrians and bike riders the Right of Way over motor vehicles to allow them safe passage, giving priority to the patriot not consuming petroleum – well, actually this IS the law now – so how about if this law was actually enforced? A car entering a crosswalk while a pedestrian is in it would be ticketed, fined and even jailed if the evil arrogance is repeated. Children walking to school would be allowed to skip and play without fear of a mindless petroleum addict running them down and yes, drivers would have to slow down and yield the right of way to them NO MATTER WHAT – HEY, THAT IS THE LAW NOW!!!! Why isn’t it enforced?

Ok, one more, and this isn’t all that original either. How about we create a workforce tasked with taking up all the asphalt within 1-mile squares and replacing it with gardens and pathways for pedestrians and non-petroleum powered vehicles? Imagine the killing zone in front of your home becomes a safe garden for people and pets to grow food play and re-create! The entire transportation paradigm would shift to give priority to life over pollution generating weapons of mass destruction, private transportation, as we know it in the USA today.

All I long for is thinking that is linked to a logical relationship with the land we live on.