Asphalt Removal Project

Asphalt Removal Project

Most roadways in America are paved with asphalt, a by-product of the petroleum refining process. Asphalt is a constituent in varying proportions of most crude petroleum and used for paving, roofing, industrial and other special purposes.

Until now environmental studies regarding asphalt have only considered asphalt vapors and interactions with rainfall. Scant attention has been given to the tally of death and mayhem that has resulted from the extensive use of asphalt to build roadways enabling high speed and reckless operation of millions of Weapons of Mass Destruction in and around our homes and workplaces.

These killing zones appear in the form of public roadways but the only members of the public that may even marginally safely use them are owners of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Conservationists are denied safe use of public facilities due to the unregulated and permissive use of public resources in favor of the most destructive machines over people walking or riding a bicycle.

This injustice must be corrected. It is time to rise up and demand EQUAL ACCESS to public roadways and protection from mindless operators of motor vehicles. Drivers who refuse to yield the right of way harm far too many innocent pedestrians and bicycle riders. It is time to ask the question: Do we want a society that yields the right of way to pedestrians or not? 

If we answer yes, pedestrians should always have the right of way, we must take action to make it happen and here is my proposal. To be accurate, I actually read the core of this idea somewhere long ago, which is to remove all asphalt from within approximately one-mile squares in urban areas. Replace the asphalt with public gardens and pathways for walkers, bike and electric scooter riders, speed limit 5 MPH. Everyone would be within ¼ mile of the nearest Roadway, and it would have an electric light rail train passing every 10 minutes in each direction.

Now we will have created safe zones for people and an efficient transportation system to help them move around. The killing zones would be very well defined and away from the living zones of gardens and trees safe for children, pets and old people. 

What a transition of wealth this would bring! Petroleum warlords would soon have to find honest work as the need to plunder resources from neighbors is replaced by sustainable communities that willingly and fairly trade with each other based on principles of sustainability and humanity first. 

So let us begin immediately! Advocate for removal of asphalt killing zones in your neighborhood and help promote sane choices for our transportation future. Demand infrastructure improvements to favor people over machines and enforce the law that pedestrians always have the right of way by taking away the license of offenders BEFORE they strike an innocent pedestrian.