Peace Train to DC Mission


The mission of the PEACE TRAIN to DC is to deliver a message of PEACE through CONSERVATION to the world. 

The so-called ‘Global Economy’ requires vast supplies of fossil fuels to power all the equipment that takes the place of labor and enables mass production and transport of goods across thousands of miles. Workers are operators, substituting human or animal energy with fossil fuel energy to increase, always increase, under the guise of decreasing costs to the end user. This false economy does not incorporate FULL LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS in the cost and is entirely dependent on cheap fossil fuels in unlimited quantities. 

The consequences of the ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels include an expanding military presence worldwide, toxic air and water, political corruption bordering on fascism, killing zones in front of our homes, obesity, and worst of all, a disregard for life in general driven by the isolative effect experienced by the operators.

In the USA over half of the petroleum consumed is imported. Consumers waste this much by flying in jet aircraft and racing from red light to red light in their oversize cars and trucks, one person per vehicle. Our message is that Conservation is a sure path to peace and long-term sustainability and here is how.

“The Greatest Source of New Energy will be found in our WASTE STREAM”

By reducing consumption the market will tighten and prices will fall. The cash flow through petroleum warlord’s coffers will be reduced and their political influence will diminish.

By simply eliminating waste and gluttony it would no longer be necessary to import fossil fuel, thus reducing the need for the military presence currently in place in over 100 countries worldwide.

A 20%-50% reduction will make a corresponding amount of resources available for families to use for other things like clothing, housing, medical care and food.

By choosing the train instead of jet aircraft for travel we reduce consumption by 50% and experience more of the actual journey to our destination. 

By restoring the national 55 MPH speed limit we will reduce consumption by 20%-50% while saving thousands of lives.

By enforcing existing speed limits another 20%-50% savings will be realized. Air pollution is reduced even more due to reduced brake pad dust, tire wear, equipment failure and crashes.

By enforcing the existing law that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, and constructing safe public roadways for bike riders and pedestrians FIRST we encourage people to get out of their cars – the current environment does exactly the opposite by causing a very legitimate safety concern for bike riders and pedestrians. Over 4000 innocent pedestrians are killed and tens of thousands maimed every year now, this PROVES the law is not being enforced!