New Year Resolutions 2005

Be it resolved that for the coming New Year Americans will recognize the greatest threat to freedom is the addiction to petroleum that dominates western culture.

Let us join our suffering spirits in a harmonious cry for peace and justice for all living things! What gives motor vehicle owners the right to ruin the air and water others depend on for life? What right entitles the owners of these Weapons of Mass Destruction to race them from red light to red light-killing living things that dare to cross their path?

The aforementioned ‘rights’ are not ‘rights’ at all but rather these are blatant abuses of precious life and resources that infringe on the ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness. It is time for those elected, appointed and hired to protect life to do their jobs(s) by enforcing the law that pedestrians ALWAYS have the Right of Way and by providing a safe passageway where life is protected from motor vehicle operators by physical barriers and legal consequences of sufficient gravity to cause drivers to exercise maximum caution when in the presence of living things.

Do these measures seem extreme? Consider that over 4000 innocent pedestrians are murdered every year, while tens of thousands are maimed for life, and 10% of these are children on their way to school.  These innocents are guilty of the patriotic act of walking or riding a bike, and motor vehicle operators licensed by the state commit their murders. The body count is much higher in the animal, bird, fish and other wildlife populations.

The state has built killing zones out of petroleum and concrete that snake their way all over the world. These killing zones have little regard for local populations that may need to cross and the carnage is readily evident to anyone – there is even a popular slang term that has evolved; “ROADKILL”. Birds, bugs, snakes, dogs, cats, deer, bear, elk, horses, cattle, mules, ducks, family pets and even poor people may all be classified as ROADKILL if struck by a Weapon of Mass Destruction racing to the next red light.

Let us resolve that individual operators of motor vehicles will be responsible for the death and injury inflicted on the planet for their convenience, and that a new awareness of the carnage caused by mindless petroleum consumption will be the First Step to Recovery from the addiction. This awareness may begin on the side of any US roadway, just pull over and open your eyes – sometimes nose – to the rotting flesh that was recently alive.

For the coming New Year, let us resolve to confront our individual dependency on petroleum and to reduce personal consumption 20% -50% by taking the Drive 55 Conservation Project ( pledge to obey posted speed limits, never exceeding 55 MPH, by choosing surface transportation rather than air when traveling, and by actively seeking and choosing local, Made in USA products and services.  These resolutions will result in greater freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness for all living things. Otherwise, there will be no choice but to sue the state for neglecting its primary duty to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.