Fear Based Treatment 

Fear-Based Treatment & Re-Education

John Walters is a very dangerous man. This time, on Tuesday, May 3rd 2005 he teamed up with Dr. Robert DuPont, the proud former Drug Czar for two administrations, Fear Psychiatrist and nuclear power advocate*, to put on a show that reaches new heights of hypocrisy and outright dishonesty.

The show exploited the tragedy of a teen suicide to a family at a loss to understand why, and since the boy had tried pot they decided to blame his untimely passing on marijuana. The Drug Czar couldn’t resist trotting out the mourning parents to decry the devil weed, and made the link to mental health by introducing a fellow from Scotland who had come up with an opinion based on a statistical perception of his own making. When challenged to provide some data, he had none, only an opinion. One reporter asked about Causality, the all important medical/scientific term that is a required element in any valid opinion, the ‘expert’ admitted he ‘didn’t know’ of any causality that had been found and that this was just an opinion he was offering based on his own interpretation of limited data. 

Nevertheless, these desperate drug warriors remained true to their pattern of lies and deceit in this blatant attempt to use fear as a deterrent to marijuana use.  Remember, Dr. DuPont is an expert on Fear and phobia – and this is the new-old tool being rolled out by the industry leaders that rely on the failed drug war to justify their existence and livelihoods.

Questioned about the decreased funding for the former darling of the drug war industry, the D.A.R.E. program, Walters admitted the effort had failed and that it would be a waste of resources to continue. So now we see them casting about for a new way to wage war on Americans, and the evil bastards have reframed their message by exploiting the success of 12 step programs and laying claim to ‘Treatment and Re-Education’ –especially through Faith-Based organizations as the solution to drug war failures.

This is especially evil because it is designed to exploit the very message recovered addicts have known all along, which is that prison and fear of punishment are no deterrent at all, in fact fear is the root cause of addiction and must be dealt with in a safe, nurturing environment, not by right wing fanatics intent on brainwashing them into compliance. Make no mistake, that is precisely what these evil men have in mind – to brainwash the unclean who dare stray outside their narrow, religious, view of life. 

The reason this should concern every person is the clear intent to use re-education and treatment to change people using fear, treatment with drugs and punishment. Incredibly, these ‘experts’ will readily use a wide array of other drugs to massage the victims mind into compliance. These other drugs are known to cause death, often have negative side effects, and are only available by continued willing compliance. The ‘experts’ entrusted with peoples lives are dependent on a steady flow of customers and under heavy pressure from the pharmaceutical industry to get these addicts switched over to the products they provide. The ‘experts’ are wined and dined at ‘educational conferences’ held in luxurious hotels all over the world while marketing professionals teach them how to peddle the latest greatest synthetic drugs for the highest profits. So once again, we have a fascist regime reaching into our lives. Only this time it is to play with our mental health, and this suddenly becomes no joking matter, this is serious business. 

Recently I was arrested and confined overnight in a mental institution for the suspicious activity of standing on a busy street corner vociferously protesting the war on Iraq. I learned a lot about the special powers law enforcement gets when they pull the ‘mental health’ trump card. The statements coming out of the White House and its drug warriors indicate a shift from the failed policies of the past and are turning to the mental health industry – especially Faith-Based Treatment Centers – to find more effective ways to ‘re-educate’ pot smokers. 

It is working already, I am very afraid of these people.

* http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/reaction/interviews/dupont.html